17th April Angelina’s

Since Sunday afternoon I’ve been fully gripped by la grippe (the flu) and have consequently been in bed for about the past 48 hours straight. I’ve been too hot, too cold, full of headache, had achey legs, I’ve not been able to eat and I’ve got such a sore throat that it feels as if someone’s stuffed a load of cotton wool and razor blades down there. In other words, I’ve not been too well. As I write this I’m sat in bed trying my hardest to swallow a cup of tea and make myself feel well enough to go and collect the boys from school later.

Anyway, despite waking up on Sunday morning with a sore throat and headache, I decided to ignore it and headed out the house to meet Edna for brunch. We went to one of Paris’ famous tearooms – Angelina’s – on Rue de Rivoli. The cafe-come-patisserie was originally opened in the early 1900s and soon became a place frequented by French aristocracy, fashion designers and artists. The interior is decorated in a luxurious belle epoque style and the menu available is more than decadent – and quite expensive. It reminded me a lot of Betty’s Tearoom in Harrogate, England, except the food and design here are very French rather than very English.

Angelina’s is most famous for it’s chocolat chaud l’africain – an incredibly rich hot chocolate made in a traditional way. We ordered a cup each and it arrived looking like molten chocolate in a big jug and accompanied by a little pot of whipped cream. It was lovely but we both left feeling very sick and equally as poor – €7,90 is a fair amount for a drink, even if it is well sought after… I also ordered an apple turnover (Edna ordered a coffee pastry) which was just as lovely but again pretty rich – something we are both definitely now not.

This little brunch was the last time I’d see Edna whilst au-pairing in France. I’ve no doubt that if I come back to Paris by the end of the year I’ll meet up with her, but that feeling of the unknown is always daunting. I’ve learnt a lot about local French cuisine from her and will definitely miss our weekly lunches and life-sharing! A bientot!

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