9th April Swedish Galettes

It’s Easter Monday, and rather than stuffing my face with chocolate eggs like I should be, I’ve got an awful cold and with it a serious lack of motivation. However, determined not to sit here feeling sorry for myself all day, today I ventured into southern Paris to meet my Swedish friends Elina and Deborah for lunch. We’d originally planned to visit the Creperie Josselin on Rue Montparnasse – a cafe that has a lot of rave reviews online – but being Easter Monday it was closed (perhaps an error on their part, as every other creperie on the street remained open and fairly busy). Instead we picked a little place named Creperie de Quimper who served traditional Breton galettes just across the road.

To begin with – we had no idea what a galette actually was. Despite being in France for the past few months this word had bypassed all 3 of us and presented us with a bit of a challenge when trying to choose what we wanted to eat from the menu. I chose ‘galette avec oeuf, fromage, jambon et champignon’ and hoped for the best.

Breton is the celtic language spoken in Brittany, France and is (apparently) closely related to Welsh and Cornish. The word galette translates literally as ‘cake’ and is used in France to describe anything vaguely circular and cake-like – in this case, the word galette is used to mean a savoury pancake. Ours came folded up like envelopes with our chosen fillings encased within and a square of butter on top. It was surprisingly nice.

As it’s Easter Monday (and also the last time I’ll see Deborah before I go home to England) we decided to splash out and get a dessert each too. Deborah and Elina helped themselves to the incredibly French delicacy of crepes avec Nutella (the French love their nutty chocolate spread – if there’s ever going to be an end to true French cuisine then it’ll be down to this stuff) and I had some vanilla and coffee ice cream to help with my sore throat. Pancakes for both main and dessert also sounded a little intense, even for a crepe-lover like myself.

I’m really glad I dragged my cold-ridden self out of the house to meet up with my favourite Swedes – I’m definitely going to miss them and all the other lovely people I’ve met here. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can jet around the world and pay a visit to each and every one of you!

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