Le Marais

This week (and the next 2 to follow) have now become chance for me to visit those last few places on my to-do list, eat my last few French dejeuners and take those last few photographs of town houses I would quite like to live in. After various discussions with various people I’ve now decided that at the end of the month I’m going home – back to England and a world full of toast, kettles and rainy days.

Not wanting to waste my final days therefore, today I went into the area of Paris called Le Marais – the name literally means ‘marsh’ in French, but the streets there now are far removed from their namesake. Narrow streets, intricate balconies, cobbled roads and vintage shops prevail here alongside the multitude of falafel restaurants and art galleries. It’s a lovely little area to wander around and, from experience, is usually filled with American and Swedish tourists trying to sample a bit of ‘real French history’. The first time I came here (and as you can see from the nice photograph of myself) was to try some of the infamous €5 falafel with my lovely friend Edna – she’d heard about the place and wanted to try it out. I wrote a bit about it previously here. I also came to visit the vintage shops with my friend Elina a while back too.

Today though I went to visit the area with Keira – she’s flying back to Ireland on Saturday and I wanted to see her before she leaves. We went for lunch (croque monseiurs of course) at a cafe by the St Paul metro stop and then had a little wander around some of the shops. We had a lovely time and it was great to see Keira before she goes home at the weekend. Unfortunately the weather today has been cold and rainy, otherwise we would’ve done a little more exploring and taken a few more blue-skyed photos. Perhaps it’s trying to remind me of what I’ll be returning home to in a fortnight’s time…

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