3rd April Thank Yous

It’s spring, I’m in Paris, the blossom is beautiful and I’ve got an armful of friends eager to join me as I swan alongside the Seine, eat ice cream and visit places of French historic interest. So why am I not having the time of my life?

The truth is a feeling that I really can’t shake. No matter how many wonderful  buildings I visit, how many pieces of art I appreciate, how many boulangeries artisanales I eat at or how many lovely people I meet along the way… the truth is that I’d rather be at home. I feel guilty that I feel like this; I’m so lucky to be able to spend all my days in this incredible city, right?

Perhaps this is a case of too much of a good thing.

Everyday I try my hardest to appreciate my surroundings. I think this blog is proof of that. But I just can’t snap out of the homesickness.

I’d like to thank all the people who’ve helped me along – I appreciate every single word and every single moment that you’ve spared me. Thanks to Kat for inventing ‘Museum Friday’ and taking me to WHSmith to buy English crisps. Thanks to Katie for all the magazines and chatting to me online. Thanks to Elina and Deborah for joining me for lunch and adopting me as an honorary Swede. Thanks to Keira for being there all the time at the last minute. Thanks to Imren for helping me out since day 1. Thanks to Edna for being a shoulder to cry on and for letting me drink tea and make biscuits in your apartment. Thanks to everyone back at home for allowing me to pester you constantly on Facebook and Skype when I’m lonely – there are too many of you to name. Thanks to my mum, dad, grandma and sisters for letting me call you in a blind panic and for helping to calm me down. Thanks to Isabelle for holding my hand when things get too much. Thanks to all the people living around the world who have helped me with their stories of moving abroad. Thanks to the entire Petty family for not thinking I’m completely insane by calling their eldest son every 10 minutes. Thanks to all of you who read my blog – updating it inspires me to try and make the most of the opportunities I have. And thank you to Chris for always being there, Skyping every night, always trying to cheer me up and for never getting impatient. You all mean more to me than you could possibly imagine.

I realise this post sounds like I’ve given up – and perhaps I almost have… but not quite. I’m back in England for a holiday in 17 days so I’m going to try my hardest to soldier on and keep my chin up until then and give it one last try. I have friends to see, a patchwork blanket to make and a lot of thinking to do in the meantime though…

3 responses to “3rd April Thank Yous

  1. No thanks necessary — you were the same shoulder to cry on for me last month! And I love learning to bake from you — I’ve already polished off the cookies from Sunday, surprise surprise….

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