22nd March Midnight In Paris

“If you’re feeling homesick there’s no shame in it; it means you come from a happy home.” – Mrs Hughes, Downton Abbey.

So the past couple of days I’ve been on constant clock-watch. Chris gets here in approximately 3 hours and 28 minutes (I’m not counting seconds, promise) and it’s fair to say that I’m more than excited. He gets to experience the French suburban rail system, my French driving skills, French breakfasts and lunches… and being woken up at 7am each morning by French kids. It’s more than obvious why he, too, is excited about coming to visit.

Yesterday was Wednesday and I had a day off from looking after the boys. I got the train into Paris before lunch and went to visit Edna in her lovely apartment in the even lovelier Trocadero area of the city. The Eiffel Tower is literally about 5 minutes down the road and –  I’m not going to lie – I think I’m fairly jealous of her living arrangements.

We decided to spend the afternoon doing some baking. I showed Edna how to make scones (I’m English, it’s supposed to be my forté) and then we sat and ate half of the plate-full whilst watching Midnight in Paris: a charming, light-hearted comedy that I definitely recommend all other Parisian au-pairs watch. Even if dreamy story-lines of painters, writers and romance in 1920’s France aren’t your thing, it’s a great film for spotting how many of the locations you recognise from your daily routine.

And it’s also a great film for reminding yourself just how beautiful Paris really is… and just how lucky we really are to be here…. (2 hours and 3 minutes)

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