18th March L’Oisive Thé

I think mentioning the sun in my last post was a bad idea – this weekend has been pretty cold chez-Paris and today we had some wonderful downpours of rain. Not disheartened however, this afternoon I met up with my lovely friend Edna for a well needed cup of tea and a chit chat.

I got my local RER train all the way to the south of the city – through that central part where the overground suburban train lines like to suddenly pretend they’re part of the sous-sol metro for 15 minutes – into an area of southern Paris that I never even knew existed. Edna, being the food-lover that she is, knew that just around the corner from Corvisart metro station is a wonderful little cafe named L’Oisive Thé. Unlike most other cafes in France, this one specialises in tea, and all of the staff there are very friendly and English speaking. It was almost like a piece of England in the middle of Paris.

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve never had such a colourful lunch. Whilst you sit at your table covered in a brightly-coloured table cloth, shelf upon shelf of wool, old books and tea caddies line the walls around you like some sort of 3D wallpaper. It feels a little like you’re sitting slap-bang in the middle of your grandma’s living room – but I guess that’s why I loved it. It’s no secret that I spend a lot of my time pursuing the same interests as those in the older age groups. (If you still need proof of this, head to my sewing blog here).

Along with my pot of breakfast tea (and no, I wasn’t afraid to ask for a jug of milk to go with it) I ordered ‘le coque vegetarien’ which consisted of two boiled eggs, bread soldiers and a large portion of cheese salad. Today’s word of the day: mouillettes – the French word for soldiers, no matter what Google Translate tells you otherwise. It was all absolutely delicious too and well worth the €15 price tag.

So, despite the rain, today has been good fun. Now I’m just hoping that the fun continues into the rest of the evening – tonight I’m home alone with the boys and will need to put them to bed for the first time on my own. Perhaps if I start to locate the doudous and bedtime stories now then everything will fall easily into place…


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