16th March Marais Vintage

The ‘spring’ weather in Paris this week has lingered around 23 degrees. Being an English girl, this is approximately the equivalent of living on the equator. Whilst the sunshine puts everyone in a much better mood, and Paris looks more than postcard-perfect, my poor, delicate, English-rose complexion is beginning to fear what’s to come by the time June and July roll around.

However, this hasn’t stopped me having those picnics in the park I was talking about previously. Yesterday afternoon I took myself, my ham and cheese baguette and my packet of teddybear shaped cakes (as if this needs justifying – I live in a house with 3 boys under the age of 8) to the Jardin du Luxembourg in the middle of the city (picture above). I met my friend outside the station and we sat around the enormous fountain in front of the rather impressive ‘Palais du Luxembourg’. The building isn’t really a palace, but home to the French parliament’s Senate. And the fountain didn’t really have any water in it either – just a lonesome man who appeared to be trying to fill the entire lake-sized basin with just a hosepipe. The French will be French.

Today was just as sunny too and I’ve been lucky enough to have the day off from work. This time I headed into the Marais for lunch (and to do some shopping) with my friend Elina. The Marais is an historic district of Paris with a lot of narrow streets, beautiful buildings, falafel restaurants and vintage shops. I always feel this assortment of interests go hand-in-hand. We must have visited about 20 vintage shops altogether and I picked up a few summer bargains – at only €5 an item it’s pretty hard to say no. The best places to find the shops are between Rue du Temple, Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie and Rue Vielle du Temple – all within 5 minutes walk of Hotel de Ville or St Paul metro stations.

And a sunny afternoon would not have been complete without une glace of course. We walked over to the Chatelet area of Paris where there are lots of cafes and found an amazing gelateria by the Fontaine des Innocents (pictured above). This place is firmly in my memory for next time I find myself desperately in need of ice cream (you’d be surprised). Today has probably been one of the best I’ve had since I got here too – good weather, friends and new clothes don’t often fail to cheer me up. Let’s hope it lasts!

4 responses to “16th March Marais Vintage

  1. This post makes me smile – glad it all seems to be going well, Louise! Also, I think you should post, nay, you NEED to post pictures of these teddy bear shaped cakes. La glace looks tres delicieuse (? is that even right) – what flavour is it?

    And 23C IS SUMMER, I don’t care what those continental types say.

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