14th March Chatelet

The past few days have been relatively uneventful in my vie Française. Sunday began with total confusion when I woke up to find I was home alone with two boys and due to leave the house within the hour. Being the responsible (and perhaps daft) girl that I am, I didn’t want to leave the boys alone, so I put my lunch plans on hold and waited for another responsible adult to return home. Turns out the boys knew I’d be going out and it would’ve been ok for me to leave them. Next time I will remember this.

Anyway, instead of trying to pursue my original plan for the day, I made some last minute arrangements and headed into Paris to meet my friend at Starbucks. I had ‘un latte et  les pancakes de caramel’. Very French. I arrived a bit early too so had a wander around the Chatelet area beforehand. I’ve now discovered a lot of restaurants, cafes and Irish pubs – very handy.

I also accidentally stumbled across the local church, Eglise Saint Eustache, and the impressive Fontaine des Innocents whilst on my travels – something fairly easy to do when wandering the streets of Paris. I find it quite strange that among all the tower blocks, museums and shopping centres there are these incredible, gothic cathedrals somehow hidden around every corner. After our Starbucks we went for a nosey around the church (more like a cathedral) and then headed home.

Monday and Tuesday this week I was back in my French lessons. It was lovely to see all the girls again, even if it was at a gathering to tell us that our end of term exam would be in a week’s time. Wish me luck for that.

And finally, if there’s one thing for definite this week, it’s that printemps has now officially begun. The roads are hazy in the morning, the sun is shining quite hot in the afternoons and I think the clocks go forward in a fortnight. Paris in the sunshine is quite a spectacular sight. Hopefully this amelioration of the weather will lead to lots of beautiful photographs of blue skies and picnics in the park… and hopefully it will continue  to stay like this right into the weekend after next so I can show my visiting boyfriend Paris at it’s best. Croiser les doigts.

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