1st March Babysitting Angus

Being an au pair is hard work. To all of you who think I’ve swanned off to Paris for a whirlwind, sightseeing/babysitting holiday – pensez encore: think again. Yes, I get to visit beautiful places and eat crepes whenever I fancy, but I also have to be on-call 24/7 for whenever my family need me to look after their children.

On Wednesday I had my first full day with 3 year old Angus. I was in charge from 8.30am until 6.30pm – and crikey was it a long day. In the morning we went to the park down the road. I took him on his bike in hope that it’d wear him out (it worked) and we played on the slide for about an hour and a half. We were joined by some other children and their stay-at-home mums too – all of whom seemed to already know who I was and wanted to ask me about my stay. Good French practice at least!

At lunch time we ate Mickey Mouse shaped burgers (let me refer back to the numerous comments I’ve made about absolutely everything here being out of the ordinary) and I took Angus up to bed for his nap. I managed to get 3 hours of TV watched until he woke up again. And then we STILL had 3.5 hours to kill before Maman got home. I was almost ready to throw myself in front of the next passing tractor. Entertaining a young child for longer than half an hour at a time is hard work, never mind when I also have to keep myself busy for the whole day. Let’s just say that I got a lot of cross stitch done. Anyway – we did a bit of painting for an hour, and then I bundled him off to his friend’s house down the road in a mad panic. I was completely out of fun ideas by this point, but I have learnt a lot about what he does and doesn’t like to do.

Today I had some time to myself until he finished at the creche, so I got the train into Paris and visited the Chatelet Forums des Halles shopping centre. I bought myself a couple of new t-shirts (from H&M admittedly) and a Christmas filter coffee from Starbucks (again – everything here is strange), and then drove home via the Cultura craft shop to pick up some glue for the boys next week. I’ve had at least 4 people tell me I need to make cardboard robots with them, so this is now the plan.

If you have any finished toilet roll tubes or empty tissue boxes – send them my way. In the meantime, I best start raiding the paper re-cycling box.



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