28th February L’as du Falafel

This week I’m only in charge of one child whilst the other two have gone skiing. Even after just a day I already feel like his best friend. Me and Angus spent some quality hours together yesterday – I took him to his nanny ‘Chez Brigitte’ on his bike (adorable in a baby French accent, when it becomes something like ‘chez beegee’), looked after him for 2 hours afterwards (we did lots of Disney colouring), gave him his shower (hiding in the towel is such a fun game) and put him to bed (I’ve read the same book about a penguin called T’Choupi countless times now). We only had a few tears at bedtime because he wanted his mum, but everything else went as well as I could’ve hoped for. It’s quite tiring though!

Whilst he was at the nanny on Monday I ventured into Paris once more to meet up with my lovely new friend Edna, who incidentally also has a blog about her life in France here. We met near Hotel de Ville – a beautiful area of the city just north of Notre Dame in the 4th Arr, and had falafel for lunch at a local take-out cafe called L’as du Falafel. At only €5 each I was impressed! I had a lovely day and will definitely return there later on.

On the way to meet Edna I stopped at Cluny-la-Sorbonne metro station and was greeted by this amazing mosaic ceiling. It was designed by artists Bazaine and Silvestri and features the signatures of 46 famous people from the Latin quarter. Every now and then whilst subterranean train hopping you come across exciting metro stations like this – it makes your journey that little bit more fun!

Today I’m spending a bit of time at home – I made an indefinite amount of blueberry muffins this morning and have eaten at least half of them already. They’re the perfect companion to a mug of Milka hot chocolate from the Tassimo machine! If only I had my petit-ami here to share them with me. 3 weeks can’t go quickly enough.

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