Today I visited yet another tourist hotspot – Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur. Every day when I travel into Paris on the train I can see the gleaming white church on the top of the hill, particularly when it’s sunny and it becomes virtually impossible to miss. It was built at the highest point in the city precisely for this reason.

I met Kat and Elina (two lovely girls from my French course) at Abbesses station and we then decided to walk up the hill towards Place du Tertre. Montmartre is famous for its steep, narrow, winding streets and today was no exception. If you want to get anywhere near the calcite-ridden tourist attraction its an absolute necessity that you huff and puff your way up 10 minutes of cobbled road.

The climb is more than worth it though. Place du Tertre is a lovely little square filled with artists trying to sell their work for near to €200. As you browse, at least 27 other artists are trying to draw your portrait for another €200. I’ve heard that the square has a lot more going on during the weekend so I’ll have to pop back sometime. It’s such a picturesque place and you can easily see why it attracts so many pretentious, bohemian Parisians! We ate lunch at a local cafe and then walked across to see the Sacre Coeur (another place I’ll have to revisit so I can get the chance to go inside). It was another lovely afternoon spent outside the house – this is why I really came to Paris!

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