Notre Dame & Pont des Arts

Yesterday was my second day of the school run with the boys and I’m pleased to say that it went well. I think in their heads; two days of being collected from school by me = now the normal thing to do in life. Good stuff.

During the day I decided to take a trip into Paris on my own to go and do something touristy – visit Notre Dame Cathedral. I’ve been up to the cathedral entrance before, but it was in the height of summer when your photograph frames were guaranteed to contain at least 50% tourists, 50% architecture. Going on a Tuesday morning in February is definitely a better call.

It’s free to go into the cathedral so I thought it would only be right to have a wander round. I didn’t spot the Hunchback, but the incredible gothic ironwork and stunning stained glass windows were enough to make this less of a disappointment. The main hall is quite something too. There are rows and rows of pews and a ceiling so high that it really does look like it’s in the heavens. Every single window around the outside is painted within an inch of its life, featuring the stories of every Saint you wish to know about. It’s thought that they were originally painted like this to educate the illiterate population on the story of the church. Whatever their purpose, they’re definitely worth taking a look at if you get the chance.

After I’d been all the way around the cathedral (in total silence, as apparently listening to Watch the Throne on your headphones at the same time is frowned upon – not that I tried it, but there are countless signs everywhere telling you to shut up) I decided to walk along the Seine towards Place de la Concorde.

I passed the famous Pont Neuf and also the Pont des Arts – a wooden construction with green railings that looks a little like it’s been dragged and dropped from a seaside pier in Weston Super Mare. Despite it’s unimpressive appearance (even if it is the first metal bridge in Paris), visiting the Pont des Arts has become custom for lovers around the world. The idea is that you take a padlock engraved with your names – or written on in Sharpie pen, whichever is most convenient/romantic – which you then attach to the bridge and throw the key into the Seine. Your love is guaranteed to be sealed forever. Unfortunately I had neither a padlock nor a lover with me at the time, otherwise I’d definitely be inclined to put this to the test!

2 responses to “Notre Dame & Pont des Arts

  1. Hello Louise!

    I just thought I’d say how much I enjoy reading your blog! I read it each time you put something up but for some reason haven’t commented yet. It sounds like you’re practically French now, I would be absolutely terrified just with the driving. Please keep updating and brightening up cold days with gai Paris.

    I will send you a lovely Newcastle postcard eventually, I Promise!

    A bientot



    • Thanks Kate! It always surprises me that people actually read my posts – I try to keep them interesting and not just a stream of consciousness that clogs up everyone’s inboxes, haha. I need to send you a postcard soon too!x

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