20th February Disneyland

This weekend I’ve done both an awful lot and absolutely nothing. On Saturday I had the whole day to myself – I got to stay in bed past 7.15 and even got brought a coffee to my room. Thank you Isabelle! In the afternoon I drove to the Claye-Souilly shopping centre to see what I could find. Check out the Justice vinyl I found in Virgin Megastores (and the Daft Punk cd in the background!). This was pretty much all they had in their ‘electronic’ section, but good choices nonetheless.

I was also fairly excited to find this range of French Harry Potter books. Little things like this really shouldn’t make me so pleased. I visited the big Carrefour hypermarket whilst I was there too – mainly to see what kind of French sweets I could find – and ended up buying my fairy costume for the fancy dress party I have to go to next weekend. I’m going with my family to Lyon on Saturday for someone’s birthday party and the requirement is that you don un deguisement du carnaval. Subsequently, I now own a lovely pair of pink fairy wings and a tiara. Photos may or may not follow.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to get to visit Disneyland Paris with Bertrand and the two oldest boys. It’s only 40mins drive away from our house, or alternatively you can drive to Roissy station and get the TGV right into Marne la Vallee next to Disney Village. This was the first time I’ve ever been on the TGV – if they existed in England I think we’d be able to scale the length of the country in about half an hour. We didn’t stay too long at Disney because it was absolutely freezing and incredibly busy (being the first day of the Ile de France school holidays) but we managed to go on a few rides. The boys absolutely love Buzz l’Eclair so we had to queue for the Laserblast ride for over an hour! Not ideal, but good fun all the same.

Today is my first day of doing the school run on my own too. I had to walk the boys to school and then drive Angus to his nanny down the road. They all seemed happy to follow my instruction and we all got to where we needed to be without too many ‘ou est maman?’s along the way. I even managed to reverse the car back down the driveway into the garage. Success! I’ve spent this morning giving my car a good clean out too. Now all I need is some sort of Disney ornament to hang from the rearview mirror and I’m set. This afternoon I’m planning on making some cupcakes using actual French ingredients in the actual French oven before I go and collect the boys from school – if this goes to plan then photos will be posted later!

2 responses to “20th February Disneyland

  1. Hi Louise reading your blogs when ever they up I bet your having a brill time tour so brave I like how the lil lad horse rides il explain horse terms if needed lol

    Is there any one with funky hair so you can think of my legendary hair

    Lots off love

    Llorel x

    • Thanks Llorel! I’m hoping I’ll get away with not having to go to any horse riding lessons, haha. I think he has a few planned for the weekends when his parents are around, but I’ll definitely be in touch if I find I’m suddenly in charge! And no, not spotted any crazy hairstyles yet haha 🙂 x

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