17th February Day in the Life

Since my last update on Wednesday I’ve made several big personal achievements here in France. Firstly, I’ve sussed out how to use the filter coffee implements in my house. This may be a big contender for the best discovery I’ve made all week (either this or finding out that there’s a WHSmith that sells Creme Eggs within easy reach of the Metro).

The next incredible realisation I’ve had is that Pancake Day doesn’t exist this side of the Channel. Whilst you lot back in England will be enjoying your lemon, golden syrup or blueberry pancakes this coming Tuesday as a special treat – over here in France it’s Pancake Day EVERY day of the year. Crepes are never NOT an option here. On Thursday the ecole maternelle down the road was having their own crepe party and one of the mums brought us some of her practice pancakes. Amazing.

I had my third French lesson in Paris on Thursday too. I had to get a lift to the station this time as my car has currently decided to sacrifice its life at my expense. This was the last lesson of the semester (already) so I won’t be back again for another 3 weeks now thanks to the misalignment of Ile de France/ Picardie school holidays. I’m going to use my time off next week to spend some time with my new friends and revise my French grammar like there’s no tomorrow – just in time for the obligatory end of term test I’ll be doing in March.

After my lesson I took the Metro to Charles de Gaulle Etoile and walked down half of the Champs Elysees. I stopped at the big Virgin Megastores to buy all my school supplies and then had to race across Paris to make sure I didn’t miss my designated train home. I got the train back to the local station this time and walked back to the house – unfortunately this station is no longer in Ile de France and so there are no trains to Paris in the morning, otherwise I’d be using this station over the usual one that I have to drive to.

Today has been fairly uneventful. Me, Isabelle and Angus drove to Senlis again this morning to go and pick up my bank card and we had a quick walk around the rainy Friday market. When I next get a free, sunny day I’m definitely going to head back there. It’s such a pretty town and the cathedral is quite something to behold – taking photos of it against a grey sky just wouldn’t do it justice. We went to a nearby shopping centre afterwards and I bought a few craft supplies for myself and the kids in preparation for half term. Next week it’ll be pedal to the metal as I try to sort out my upcoming week of activities for them! I also bought myself a little Smarties baking book – if I can’t win them over with sock puppets, painting and sticking, I can certainly win them over with chocolate mousse and fairy cakes…

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