10th February Lagny le Sec

Here I am just over a week into my 6 months, and thankfully the past few days have been a bit more positive for me. I’ve somehow managed to overcome most of the panic that I’ve been feeling and am starting to just accept that what will happen will happen; que sera, sera. I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable around the boys (and them, me) and I think they now realise that I’m a temporary permanent fixture in their lives and that they must listen to what I say! Tomorrow night I’m on my own with them, so we’ll see then whether this is true or not…

On Wednesday the kids don’t go to school in France, so they have the entire day at home (alone with me!) to do what they want and attend some of their extra curricular classes. My job here is to try and keep them OFF the Wii and the computer and give them something constructive to do for the afternoon. When there are 3 boys aged between 3-7, this sounds like it may be hard! I’m planning on going to the park, doing some painting and making cookies I think.

This Wednesday just passed however I was pretty much just observing their routine, and so in the afternoon I went for a walk on my own around the village of Lagny-le-Sec where we live. I thought it would be a good idea to get my bearings a bit more and locate the park/post box/school/ nanny/road to civilisation so that I feel a bit less unsure of where I need to be going every day. The little photos here are what I have taken of the village. The church, the abandoned ‘castle’ (near the park, just a huge house that’s all boarded up and looks fairly spooky. And rather like Phantom Manor from Disneyland), me trying to find the nanny and a fairly exciting battered old car all feature.

Yesterday me and Isabelle went into Paris on the train together. She showed me the route I’ll have to drive to and from the station (I hope I can remember it) and how the Metro works. It takes about 45mins to get from here to Gare du Nord which is pretty good! I now have a train pass too so that I can go anywhere in the region at will. We spent the day walking in the freezing cold (I got a crepe too, of course) to find myself a French school, and I’m now signed up to one in the 17th arrondissement, just north of the Arc de Triomphe. I’ll be attending French classes from 11-1 on Mon, Tues and Thurs during the weeks when it’s not the school holidays. Hopefully this will help me to become more confident with my speaking and I’ll be able to make a few English contacts! It’ll also keep me busy and stop me from getting all lonely and homesick around the house.

On the way back to the station we walked past the Seine, and seeing as the weather has been at a constant -10 degrees for the past few weeks the entire river is frozen over! Here’s a lovely photo of me (clutching my crepe) by the waterside.

That’s all for now… wish me well for this weekend! x

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