8th February Getting Settled

And so the saga continues… since my last post I’ve done a variety of exciting/terrifying things. To kick the week off we had a power cut (un coup d’éléctricité) on Monday evening, meaning that we had to eat our dinner (ratatouille of course) by candlelight. Romantic? Maybe. The prospect of no internet for the rest of the evening? Not so good. Luckily it only lasted about an hour or so!

Yesterday morning we went over to Ikea and the shopping centre near(ish) to here. Once my car is ready I’ll be able to drive over there myself if I can remember the way! We had lunch in the Ikea restaurant – always a nice treat. I spent the rest of the day in my bedroom trying to expel my franco-headache and then went with Isa to pick the kids up from school. Me and Bertrand went to go and collect my car too only to find that it’s not working! We think the battery needs replacing… not so great as I do need to practice driving to places.

I also received a lovely phone call from Marianna on the evening. I was in dire need of a pep talk and she was the perfect girl to do so. I felt a lot more positive afterwards and even succeeded in bathing 3 year old Angus later on. At least that’s one tick on the never ending to-do list.

Overnight we had our first bit of snow too. This picture is of the front garden this morning. Paris seems to be a few inches under yet here we have barely a millimetre! Probably for the best though I think. This morning I sat and did some cross stitch whilst the kids played with their friends, and this afternoon I’ve had an hour on my own with Angus. I had to put him to bed for his nap – what fun! We read a book together and then I literally stuffed him in his room and told him he had to sleep. He cried a lot, but then went quiet so I assume he fell asleep from tears if nothing else. I feel a bit mean for having to be so stern with him, but I guess that’ll get easier the more I do it. That’s all for now!


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