cadeaux de noël

After both my birthday and Christmas this year, there is absolutely pas d’une chance that I can be underprepared for my visit to France in February. I have berets in every colour to match every occasion, a new pass case for my Carte Orange and even a travel size sewing kit. Let’s not forget those incredible ‘oui/non’ mittens either. Just looking at them makes me smile.

I have books about Paris too – in particular the latest by Stephen Clarke (Paris Revealed) which is a great little read all about ‘les secrets de la ville d’amour’. It tells you all the hidden stuff that only true Parisiens know about- and hopefully will prepare me for the unknown. I’m planning on using this blog to update you all with my own insider knowledge once I get there too! Who knows, I might be a successful travel writer one day myself. I can hope.

Thanks again to all those who have already subscribed to this blog – and if you’re reading this and haven’t yet signed up, do it! Just enter your email address into that box on the right and you’ll get toutes mes aventures Parisiennes sent right to your inbox. Ce sera top!


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