mon anniversaire français

This week was my 23rd birthday – and France was clearly on everyone’s mind when they bought my cards, presents and even my birthday cake. Thanks to my little sister for the last one. I’ve received books about moving to Paris, cards with pictures of Parisien cafes and the Eiffel Tower on and more ‘bon anniversaires’ than you can shake a metaphorical French stick at (or a bûchette française if you like).

It’s less than 2 months until I leave the country and head over to mainland Europe, so all this French talk is definitely good preparation. With this current freezing British winter weather, my beret is firmly attached to my head, and stories of Harry Potter and his ‘baguette magique’ are becoming an increasingly more frequent occurrence. My mum’s even started buying croissants for breakfast.

I’ll be sad to leave home. I’ll be sad to leave my current job. I’ll be sad to leave my English friends, family and boyfriend – mais le coeur devenir plus forte avec l’absence, non? Moving to Paris has always been one of my dreams so I definitely can’t let this opportunity pass me by. I can’t wait to have one of the best cities in the world on my doorstep, and neither can I wait to meet my adorable new French family. It’ll be tough at first I’m sure but absolutely worth it.

If you want a postcard, let me know yeah?

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